The Long Say

Bringing back the long-form essay before it’s too late.


What is this?

We are bringing back the long-form essay before it’s too late.

The idea is really very simple. Despite orignating as reactionary in nature against the popular microblogging site Twitter, we don’t hate Twitter. Rather, we use Twitter a lot more lately than we do our old, sad, lonely Blogger and WordPress accounts. We are getting very good at the microblog: ’30 degrees and sunny. Wearing shorts and a smile!’ etc. You can see how good we are at tweeting by following us on Twitter.

But sometimes we pause with chagrin and/or alarm and think about the potential loss of an art form, also known as the long-form essay.

We are counteracting ours and your impulse to move exclusively into the realm of the microblog by encouraging you to use the online publishing tools at hand to write the best long-form personal essay you can, and to publish it with us.

Here’s the deal: you submit some of your best writing, and we make you a contributor. You write thoughtful essays that appear on this site, and others read and are inspired. It’s that simple: read, write, inspire.

Some essay tips:

We are interested in some of the intracacies of the essay that have been lost by the micro-blog. So tell us about your day. What would you have missed if you only had 140 characters? Observe your world. Let us into the internal workings of your mind.

If you’re looking for some writing advice, someone gave Anna a copy of Bird by Bird when I (erm, I mean she) was just a young thing, wanting to know how to write. Maybe it’ll help you too.

Final note:

This project germinated from an idea while Anna was standing in the shower. That’s why we’re here, and we wanted you to know that, because sometimes things are just that simple.

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